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BMW E9X M3 - Rear Brake Kit
SKU: BRK.200513 Vendor: Pro-System

4 Piston Calipers 

355x28mm Rotor 

Fits: 2004 to 2013 BMW E90/E92 M3


Key features & benefits
Pro-System rotors, hats & hardware – made in USA:
• All Pro-System rotors are machined at our facility in Mooresville, North Carolina from specially formulated grey cast iron providing the best in thermal stability, friction coefficient and heat transfer characteristics.
• Dyno-bedded rotors and pads
• Precision machined and anodized aluminum hats and brackets
• Fully floating rotor attachment with anti-rattle clips
• Utilizes stock park brake
• All kits are supplied with high performance brake pads.
• Added value, most of our competitor's kits have a similar cost but brake pads, anti-rattle clips and bedding are not included. However, these are all included with in a Pro-System brake kit.

Alcon calipers:
• Forged aluminum calipers used in top level pro racing
• Aerospace grade aluminum alloy provides high strength and light weight
• 4 piston
• High temperature seals
• Piston diameter optimized for use with stock master cylinder, booster and ABS
• Fully compatible with aftermarket ABS systems
• Staggered piston diameters reduce pad taper
• Bolted pad retainer to increase stiffness
• Quick change pads without removing calipers
• Stainless steel pistons


Left Caliper CAR4949A*06PESLL (1) 

Right Caliper CAR4949A*06PESRL (1) 


Left Rotor ROY.101291 (1) 

Right Rotor ROY.101292 (1) 

Left Bracket BRT.101279L (1)

Right Bracket BRT.101279R (1)

Stud STT.100120 (4) 

Brake Lines BRN.101306 (2)