Which brake solution is right for you?

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1. How do i bed my new brake system?

A total of 12 stops starting at 35mph to 5mph with moderate pressure gradually increasing the initial speed and increasing pedal pressure each time, culminating in the final two stops from 50 mph to 10 mph with maximum pedal pressure (without locking the tires or activation ABS).

you should smell the brake pads at this point. Then drive the vehicle around slowly without using the brakes to allow the rotors to cool down.

2. Pad Changing

Thoroughly clean the protruding pistons with brake cleaner before pushing the pistons back to fit new pads. Scotchbrite or similar abrasives should not be used to clean pistons as the coating may be removed from the piston.

The pistons in Alcon calipers are ground to achieve close dimensional tolerance, roundness and surface finish. Friction between the piston and seal is lower with lubricated seals than with dry seals. Pistons and seals in Alcon calipers are assembled with a lubricant that evaporates at around 100ºC (212ºF), therefore piston retraction will increase as caliper temperature rises during normal use.

The level of friction also helps to resist piston displacement due to disc run-out or suspension/ hub deflection (knockback). Typically, pistons will recover from displacement into the caliper by up to 0.5mm (0.02”), preventing increased lost travel at the pedal and maintaining a constant pedal position under all conditions. This feature means that a higher than normal force may be required to push pistons back into the caliper during a pad change.

Note the importance of cleaning pistons during a pad change, to prevent debris being deposited in the seal/ piston interface as pistons are pushed back. Debris will reduce seal to piston friction, and have an adverse effect on piston retraction.

3. How much Wheel clearance do i need?

There should be no less than 3mm (0.120”) clearance between the wheel and caliper at all times. If in doubt please check the radial profiles located on individual product pages under "Wheels that fit"

4. Will my aftermarket knuckles work with the Alcon brake kit?

Alcon big brake kits are designed to fit the OE knuckles, It may not fit aftermarket knuckle.

DeBerti - Raptor

The Alcon equipped DeBerti Ford Raptor performing a hard braking scenario.

Rebel Offbroad - Jeep JK

Jeep JK big brake kit installed by Rebel off road

Doetsch Off-Road - Ford Bronco

Alcon equipped ford bronco build by Doetsch Off-Road for SEMA 2021.