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Ford Bronco 2.3L Brake Kit - Front
SKU: BKF1551K61 Vendor: Alcon

6 Piston Red Calipers 

350x34mm Rotor 

Fits: 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.3L


Introducing Alcon USA's Bronco Big Brake Kit - Elevate Your Performance!

Important Note: Please be aware that this kit is not compatible with the 2.7L Engine.

Discover the Advantages:

Upgrade your Bronco's performance with Alcon USA's Big Brake Kit, designed to outshine your stock brakes:

🚗 Temperature Control: Up to an impressive 12% reduction in disc temperature rise for consistently cool brakes.

💪 Extended Pad Life: Up to 23% reduction in pad work rate, leading to longer-lasting pads and sustained performance.

🚲 Effortless Control: Experience up to 6% decrease in pedal effort, offering you precise control over your Bronco's braking power.

💡 Increased Brake Torque: Get ready for an up to 6% increase in available brake torque, enhancing your stopping power.

💪 Built to Last: The Ductile Iron caliper housing guarantees maximum strength, stiffness, and impact resistance, ensuring durability through tough conditions.

🌧️ Rust-Proof Protection: Epoxy acrylic paint over acid zinc finish delivers maximum corrosion protection, ensuring your brake kit maintains its reliability.

🔥 Enhanced Stopping: High friction pads amplify stopping power, boosting your confidence and control.

🌀 Minimized Brake Fade: Larger rotors combined with increased brake torque and thermal capacity minimize the risk of brake fade, ensuring consistent performance.

🌡️ Cooler Temperatures, Prolonged Lifespan: With an increased pad area, your braking system stays cooler and pads last longer, ensuring sustained performance over time.

Outstanding Specifications:

🔥 Motorsport-Grade Seals: High-temperature seal material ensures top-tier performance even under extreme conditions.

🚿 Protection Against Debris: Wiper seals on each piston effectively exclude dirt and debris, ensuring reliable performance.

Upgrade your Bronco's braking prowess today with Alcon USA's Big Brake Kit. Redefine your Bronco's performance - order now!

Fits most 17" or larger aftermarket wheels. To check if your wheels clears please print this template and follow instructions.


Left Caliper CIR1551K14HZLL-RT (1) 

Right Caliper CIR1551K14HZLT-RL (1) 

Pads PNS4415X511 (4)* 

Left Rotor DIA2175X240C24L (1) 

Right Rotor DIA2175X240C24R (1) 

Bracket Kit BSK4415X619 (2) 


*Pre-installed in calipers