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Chevrolet Silverado Big Brake Kit - Front
SKU: BKF1559BF58 Vendor: Alcon

6 Piston Red Calipers

355x33mm Rotor. 

Fits: 2019+ Chevrolet Silverado


Key features and benefits

 Gains in performance over stock braking system:

  • Up to 3% reduction in disc temperature rise
  • Up to 45% reduction in pad work rate
  • Up to 6% increase in available brake torque
  • Up to 6% reduction in pedal effort

Ductile Iron caliper housing providing maximum strength and stiffness as well as high resistance to impact and fatigue.
Epoxy acrylic paint over acid zinc finish for maximum corrosion protection
High friction pads increase stopping power
Larger rotors increase brake torque and thermal capacity, reducing potential for brake fade.
Increased pad area reduces temperatures and increases pad life.

Increased pad area reduces temperatures and
increases pad life


High temperature seal material as used in highest levels of motorsport
Wiper seal on every piston for dirt exclusion

Low profile design fits inside many 17” and larger aftermarket wheels.

Want to check your wheels? Print this template at 1:1 scale and follow directions found on the print out. Please confirm sizing using the measurements on the printout.

Left Caliper CIR1559BF32HZLT021A01  (1)

Right Caliper CIR1559BF32HZRT021A01LL  (1)

Pads PNS4415X504 (4)*

Pad Retainer Kit  PKR4451X540KS (2)*

Left Rotor  DIA2175X232C24L (1)

Right Rotor  DIA2175X232C24R (1)

Bracket Kit BSK4415X610 (2)


*Pre-installed in calipers