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Chevrolet Tahoe Big Brake Kit - Front
SKU: BKF1559BF58 Vendor: Alcon

6 Piston Red Calipers

355x33mm Rotor. 

Fits: 2020+ Chevrolet Tahoe


Elevate Your 2021+ Chevrolet Tahoe with the Alcon USA Big Brake Kit - Unleash Enhanced Performance!

Discover Unmatched Advantages:

Experience a remarkable upgrade with our Alcon USA Big Brake Kit, specifically engineered for your 2021+ Chevrolet Tahoe. Benefit from a range of exceptional features and advantages over your stock braking system:

🚗 Optimized Performance: With up to a 3% reduction in disc temperature rise, ensuring cooler brakes even during demanding drives.

💪 Extended Pad Life: Enjoy an impressive up to 45% reduction in pad work rate, leading to a prolonged pad life and consistent performance.

🚲 Boosted Brake Torque: Experience up to a 6% increase in available brake torque, providing you with enhanced stopping power when you need it most.

💡 Effortless Control: Benefit from an up to 6% reduction in pedal effort, offering precise control over your Tahoe's braking performance.

💪 Built to Endure: Our brake kit features a Ductile Iron caliper housing that guarantees maximum strength, stiffness, and resistance to impact and fatigue. Drive confidently, knowing your brakes are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions.

🌧️ Rust-Proof Armor: The epoxy acrylic paint over acid zinc finish ensures your brake kit is well-protected against corrosion, maintaining its reliability over time.

🔥 Powerful Stopping Force: High friction pads significantly enhance your stopping power, giving you confidence and control on the road.

🌀 Fade-Resistant Design: Larger rotors combined with increased brake torque and thermal capacity minimize the risk of brake fade, ensuring consistent performance during intense driving scenarios.

🌡️ Cooler Temperatures, Prolonged Lifespan: With an increased pad area, your braking system benefits from lower temperatures and extended pad life, ensuring sustained performance over time.

Outstanding Specifications:

🔥 Motorsport-Grade Seals: Our brake kit features high-temperature seal material, ensuring top-tier performance even under the most extreme conditions.

🚿 Protection Against Debris: Each piston comes equipped with a wiper seal, effectively keeping dirt and debris out for consistent and reliable performance.

Upgrade your 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe's braking prowess today and experience the difference for yourself.  Order now and redefine your Tahoe's braking performance!

Low profile design fits inside many 17” and larger aftermarket wheels.

Want to check your wheels? Print this template at 1:1 scale and follow directions found on the print out. Please confirm sizing using the measurements on the printout.

Left Caliper CIR1559BF32HZLT021A01  (1)

Right Caliper CIR1559BF32HZRT021A01LL  (1)

Pads PNS4415X504 (4)*

Pad Retainer Kit  PKR4451X540KS (2)*

Left Rotor  DIA2175X232C24L (1)

Right Rotor  DIA2175X232C24R (1)

Bracket Kit BSK4415X610 (2)


*Pre-installed in calipers