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Corvette C7 - CCM Replacement Front OEM Rotors (Pair)
SKU: ROX.101346 Vendor: Pro-System


Looking to replace the CCM stock rotors on your C7 with high performance iron replacements? look no further than Pro-System's C7 Rotor and Hat Assemblies. These rotors come pre- assembled and bedded for track ready performance right out of the box. Designed for use with these pads 


Key features & benefits
• All Pro-System rotors are machined at our facility in Mooresville, North Carolina from specially formulated grey cast iron providing the best in thermal stability, friction coefficient and heat transfer characteristics.
• Pro-System rotors are supplied pre-bedded ready to race to eliminate costly and time-consuming bedding on track.
• Pro-System rotor hardware is engineered for the sufficient amount of float, to allow for correct rotor expansion. Round bobbins are plated to extend the life of the hardware.
• For extended hat life, Pro-System produces their high-quality hats from aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodizes the hats.