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Corvette C8 - Rear Brake Kit
SKU: BRK.200555 Vendor: Pro-System

4 Piston Calipers 

390x29mm Rotor 

Fits: Corvette C8


High-Performance Corvette C8 Brake Kit: Pro-System Rotors & Alcon Calipers

Unlock the Ultimate Braking Power for Your Corvette C8:

Pro-System Rotors, Hats & Hardware – Crafted in the USA:

  1. Precision Machined in Mooresville, North Carolina: Elevate your Corvette C8's braking game with our precision-machined Pro-System rotors. Expertly crafted in Mooresville, North Carolina, these rotors are designed for your Corvette C8, delivering exceptional thermal stability, friction, and heat transfer characteristics.

  2. Dyno-Bedded Rotors and Pads: Our rotors and pads undergo rigorous dyno-bedding, ensuring they're perfectly matched for top-tier performance in your Corvette C8.

  3. Precision Machined Aluminum Hats and Brackets: Enhance both style and durability with our meticulously machined and anodized aluminum hats and brackets, engineered to complement your Corvette C8.

  4. Fully Floating Rotor Attachment with Anti-Rattle Clips: Experience a smoother and quieter ride with our fully floating rotor attachment system, complete with anti-rattle clips designed for your Corvette C8.

  5. Seamless Stock Park Brake Compatibility: Maintain convenience and peace of mind as our Pro-System seamlessly integrates with your Corvette C8's stock park brake system.

  6. High-Performance Brake Pads Included: Every Pro-System brake kit for the Corvette C8 includes high-performance brake pads, providing the stopping power your Corvette C8 deserves.

  7. Exceptional Value: Unlike competitors, our Pro-System brake kits for the Corvette C8 include brake pads, anti-rattle clips, and bedding at no additional cost, giving you unbeatable value.

Alcon Calipers:

  1. Forged Aluminum Excellence: Elevate your Corvette C8's braking performance with our forged aluminum Alcon calipers, inspired by top-level professional racing for ultimate durability and lightweight precision.

  2. Aerospace-Grade Alloy: Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, our calipers are engineered to meet the exacting standards of your Corvette C8.

  3. 6-Piston Power: With six pistons, our calipers deliver exceptional braking power and precise control, perfectly matched to the Corvette C8's capabilities.

  4. High-Temperature Seals: Our calipers are equipped with high-temperature seals, designed to thrive in the demanding conditions of your Corvette C8.

  5. Optimized Piston Diameter: Precisely calibrated piston diameters ensure seamless integration with your Corvette C8's stock master cylinder, booster, and ABS system, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

  6. Compatibility with Aftermarket ABS: Our calipers fully support aftermarket ABS systems, further enhancing the safety and performance of your Corvette C8.

  7. Reduced Pad Taper: Staggered piston diameters minimize pad taper, maintaining consistent braking performance and responsiveness.

  8. Bolted Pad Retainer: The bolted pad retainer design enhances stiffness for improved brake feel and response, elevating your Corvette C8's performance.

  9. Quick Pad Changes: Convenient quick-change pad system allows pad replacement without caliper removal, simplifying maintenance for your Corvette C8.

  10. Stainless Steel Pistons: Stainless steel pistons enhance durability, ensuring lasting performance for your Corvette C8's braking system.

Enhance your Corvette C8's braking performance and precision with our Pro-System Rotors, Hats & Hardware and Alcon Calipers. Engineered for your Corvette C8, these products embody quality, innovation, and unbeatable value, delivering the ultimate in high-performance braking.

This kit is designed to fit the 20" OEM wheels.

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