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Ford Raptor/F150 Big Brake Kit - Front
SKU: BKF1559BE11 Vendor: Alcon

6 Piston Red Calipers

347x36mm Rotor. 

Fits: Gen 1 and Gen 2 Ford Raptor

2009 to 2020 Ford F-150


Elevate Your Gen 1 and 2 Ford Raptor with Our Brake Kit - Unleash Enhanced Performance!

Important Note: Depending on your vehicle, the installation of this kit may require the ADD Tie Rod Adaptors. To ensure a perfect fit, Alcon USA recommends adding the tie rod adaptors to your order alongside the front big brake kit. If you find that the adaptors are not needed during installation and they remain unopened, you can easily return them for a full refund.

Experience Unmatched Performance:

Upgrade your Gen 1 and 2 Ford Raptor's braking system and enjoy remarkable benefits over your stock setup:

🚗 Temperature Control: Significant 10% reduction in disc temperature rise, keeping your brakes cool under intense conditions.

💪 Extended Pad Life: Enjoy a remarkable 33% reduction in pad work rate, leading to longer pad life and sustained performance.

🚲 Effortless Control: Experience up to a 15% reduction in pedal effort, granting you precise control over your Raptor's braking power.

💡 Built to Endure: Our brake kit boasts a Ductile Iron caliper housing, offering superior strength, stiffness, and exceptional resistance to impact and fatigue. Conquer challenging terrains with confidence, knowing your brakes are designed to withstand it all.

🌧️ Rust-Proof Protection: The epoxy acrylic paint over acid zinc finish provides maximum corrosion protection, ensuring your brake kit maintains its reliability and longevity.

🔥 Enhanced Stopping: Benefit from high friction pads that amplify stopping power, providing you with added confidence and control.

🌀 Fade-Resistant Performance: The combination of larger rotors, increased brake torque, and improved thermal capacity reduces the potential for brake fade, ensuring consistent performance during demanding drives.

🌡️ Prolonged Pad Life: With an expanded pad area, temperatures are controlled, and pad life is extended, guaranteeing sustained performance over time.

Impressive Specifications:

🔥 Motorsport-Grade Seals: Our brake kit features high-temperature seal material, ensuring top-notch performance even in the most challenging conditions.

🚿 Protection Against Debris: Each piston comes equipped with a wiper seal, effectively preventing dirt and debris from impacting your braking system's performance.

Retain OEM Functionality:

Our brake kit seamlessly integrates with stock OEM actuation and retains and utilizes the OEM parking brake system. No complex modifications required – simply enhance your Raptor's brakes while keeping its essential features intact.

Elevate your Gen 1 and 2 Ford Raptor's braking prowess today and experience the transformation for yourself. Unleash the power of the Alcon USA Big Brake Kit. Order now and redefine your Raptor's braking performance!

Low profile design fits inside OEM 17” Raptor along with many 17” and larger aftermarket wheels.

Want to check your wheels? Print this template at 1:1 scale and follow directions found on the print out.

Left Caliper CIR1559BE07HZLT-RL  (1)

Right Caliper CIR1559BE07HZRT-LL  (1)

Pads PNS4415X504 (4)*

Pad Retainer Kit  PKR4451X540KS (2)*

Left Rotor  DIV3430X986C24L (1)

Right Rotor  DIV3430X986C24R (1)

Bracket Kit  BSK4415X564 (2)

Wheel Spacer  SSW0080X1243 (2)


*Pre-installed in calipers