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Ram TRX Big Brake Kit - Front
SKU: BKF1559AX75 Vendor: Alcon

6 Piston Red Calipers

376x42mm Rotor. 

Fits: Ram TRX



Unleash the Full Potential of Your RAM TRX with Our Performance Brake Upgrade!

Discover the Advantages:

🚗 Turbocharged Performance: Elevate your RAM TRX's performance with remarkable advantages over the stock braking setup. Up to 12% increase in available thermal mass,  8% reduction in pad work rate, and  7% increase in available brake torque.

💪 Built to Endure: Engineered with the rugged RAM TRX in mind, our brake system features a robust Ductile Iron caliper housing. This not only ensures maximum strength and stiffness but also provides exceptional resistance to impact and fatigue. Conquer any terrain without compromising performance.

🌧️ Corrosion-Defying Armor: Don't let the elements hinder your performance. Our brake upgrade boasts an epoxy acrylic paint finish over an acid zinc base, forming an impenetrable shield against corrosion. Your brake system will stay as powerful as day one, no matter the conditions.

🔥 Dominant Stopping Power: Experience unmatched control with high friction pads that take your stopping power to the next level. Whether it's sudden stops or precise maneuvers, your RAM TRX will respond with confidence.

🌀 Bid Farewell to Brake Fade: Wave goodbye to brake fade concerns. Our precision-engineered larger rotors work in tandem with increased brake torque and thermal capacity, ensuring consistent performance even during the most demanding drives.

🌡️ Cooler Temperatures, Prolonged Lifespan: Embrace durability with increased pad area that leads to lower temperatures and extended pad life. Our brake upgrade is designed to go the distance, giving you lasting performance with every mile.

Outstanding Specifications:

🔥 Motorsport-Grade Seal: Our brake system features seals crafted from high-temperature materials used in elite motorsport competitions. This means your brakes will continue to excel even in the most challenging conditions.

🚿 Defense Against Debris: Equipped with wiper seals on each piston, our brake system effectively keeps dirt and debris at bay. Your brake's performance will remain untarnished, ensuring reliability when you need it most.

🔧 Seamless Integration: Tailored exclusively for the RAM TRX, our brake upgrade seamlessly integrates with the stock OEM actuation. No need for extensive modifications – just install and experience the transformation.

Upgrade your RAM TRX's braking prowess today and revolutionize your driving encounters. Unleash the full potential of your beastly ride with our performance brake upgrade. Place your order now and experience driving like never before!

Designed to fit the OEM 18" wheel

Left Caliper CIR1559AX52HZL021A01  (1)

Right Caliper CIR1559AX52HZR021A01  (1)

Pads PNS4415X512S.4 (4)*

Left Rotor  DIA2146X296C24L (1)

Right Rotor  DIA2146X296C24R (1)

Bracket Kit  BSK4415X626 (2)


*Pre-installed in calipers